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collabs/trades & commissions are open!

I do not give permission for any of my work to be used/reposted/& or reproduced in any way.

✿ alice ✿

hey! i'm alice, a us-based illustrator & graphic designer. i love cats, anime, and everything cute!

zine experience

Sailor SpringtimeCharity - Environmental Defense FundPage & Merch Artist2022Sailor MoonFinished
Boyhood - Todoroki TouyaCharity - Prevent Child Abuse AmericaPage Artist2022BNHAFinished
The Nockfell NotebookFreeHead Mod & Art Mod2022Sally FaceFinished
Equestria EscapadesFreeHead Mod & Art Mod2022MLP:FiMFinished
Let's Smile Together!FreeArt Mod2022SanrioFinished
VILE, an LOV Fashion ZineFreeHead Mod & Art / Writing Mod2022BNHAFinished
The Party Never DiesFor ProfitArt Mod2022Monster HighProduction
Divoritum-Logo Concept2022BNHA-
Gone Camping!Charity - Rainforest Action NetworkHead Mod & Art Mod2023Animal Crossing: Pocket CampSales
Of Fantasy & MonsterCharity - Cool EarthArt Mod2023Pokémon & FF7Sales
Hisui ChroniclesCharity - WildAidHead Mod & Art Mod2023Pokémon Legends: ArceusSales
Rainbow Vision: Behind The ScenesFreeHead Mod & Art Mod2023Rainbow HighHIATUS
SeniorstuckFor ProfitArt Mod2023HomestuckHIATUS

Note: Page art contributions I've made for charity zines are available for purchase as prints on my Ko-Fi!

graphic design

here's a few samples of my professional design work.i love working with typography and creating illustrative designs for clients. i value being able to use my skills in illustration to create a polished, unique product. i also love being involved in production work. seeing the process of products coming to life excites me as a designer & as a creative.i would best describe my style as fun, vibrantly colorful, and people-friendly! Projects for social causes & awareness campaigns have a special place in my heart.I am formally educated in design & received my degree with high honors distinctions - including being awarded outstanding student in digital production across 8 campuses prior to graduation.This page is best viewed on formats other than mobile.

terms & conditions for commissioners

hello! thank you for considering me for your special commission! the following terms & conditions are applicable to all commissioners & by proceeding to commission me, you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines.
general guides
i am open to taking most commissions! humans, pets, fursonas, etc. are all ok. providing me with references and specificities during the ordering process is highly encouraged as we both benefit from it. the base price for all commissions includes 2 revisions. any further revisions after this are subject to a surcharge. please be sure to credit me/link back to me upon posting finished commissions to social media ♡
i will not draw fetish material, NSFW depicting underage characters or pedophilia, incest, hate symbols, or original characters you do not own without the expressed permission of the original owner. light nsfw content is okay but will be subject to a surcharge.
i do not give any permission whatsoever for my illustrations to be utilized commercially, nor do i give permission for my works to be altered/edited without permission - especially for use by AI or stable diffusion. similarly, my work is never to be used for purposes regarding NFTS or cyptocurrency. it is likewise prohibited to remove my signature, intentionally crop it out, or claim/take credit for the work. all commissioned work is ONLY subject for personal use (i.e, use for social media icons, banners, ect.)
payment information
1. payments are processed via ko-fi, paypal, or cashapp. i do not take checks.
2. half payment is expected upfront to secure your commission.
(example: total commission = $50 / upfront payment prior to work = $25)
3. tips are appreciated, but not necessary.
4. refunds are only applicable should I not be able to complete your commission.
5. by sending payment, you affirm and accept that you will only receive a digital artwork with no expectation of a physical good deliverable to you.
6. chargebacks will result in loss of rights to the art commissioned. by continuing the use of the artwork after a chargeback has occurred, you accept the possibility of legal action.
7. upon completion of the commission, any remaining balance due must be sent in order to finalize the order. files will be sent upon my receipt of said dues.
to confirm you have read the above guides and are ready to commission me, please fill out this form!